Mortgage Renewal

We can help you SAVE MONEY, with our hassle-free Renewal program. IT’S FREE and WE DO ALL THE WORK.


  • Nearly 60% of homeowners simply sign their mortgage renewal without shopping around for more favorable interest rates and terms.
  • Homeowners should never accept the first offer from the existing lender. But most do!!!
  • Simply signing up for the rate offered is really easy, however it is really costly, as lenders never offer their best rates. This will result in homeowners spending thousands of extra dollars on mortgage interest!
  • Most homeowners believe “shopping around is a pain!” Well, it’s not!! We employ a proven hassle-free program! WE DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU, and IT’S FREE.
  • Our program is powered by great technology and our experienced underwriters.
  • Lenders, send out renewal letters very close to your term expiration, giving you very little time to arrange for a mortgage through a different lender or negotiate with the current lender. Tricky Eh? This means, you will need to track your mortgage renewal dates and know when it’s time to start shopping for good mortgage terms. Sounds like “a bit of a pain”. Don’t worry! We do the tracking and negotiating for you with your current and/or new lender.
  • Your mortgage is your biggest expense. For this reason, it is imperative to find the best mortgage terms possible! By engaging TRILOGY MORTGAGE CORPORATION shopping around is EASY, saving you MONEY.

Don’t be one of the 60% who just sign the mortgage offer letter!