Sam’s shorts


How many email newsletters do you receive each month? If your inbox is anything like mine, probably too many! The newsletters are typically long, wordy and boring! 

“Sam’s shorts” are the exact opposite, short (like me) and to the point.

First time Home Buyer- Doing it the Old-Fashioned way!

Being a First-time home buyer can be a complicated and a confusing journey. Most people start on the web and traverse through many websites trying to learn the basics. This can be an endless loop of conflicting information.

Our website has a full compliment of information relating to First-time Home Buyer’s also.

We would prefer to do this the old fashion way. Let’s talk this through.

Speaking to an experienced Mortgage broker can be quicker, you will be provided all the information you need, your questions will be answered in one contact, and you will always have direct access to an experienced Mortgage Broker, if more question arise.

Personally, I have reviewed many websites, and I discovered conflicting information from site to site.  The conflicting information led to more confusion and more questions. More confusion and more questions led to more internet searches in the hopes of finding the right information. I went down a rabbit hole, the more I searched the more questions I had. In my view the internet was confusing, endless and ended in frustration.

Give us a call. We will close the loop. If you would like more information about Mortgages or one of Sam’s Shorts. Contact me