Purchasing a Condominium

The Process of a Condominium


When purchasing a Condominium, you get much more than just your unit and possibly a parking stall or two.  You are also buying into the “business”.


Each condominium complex is a not for profit corporation.  Like most other business, there are the day to day operations to take care of, managing the business financials and overseeing the contractors, residents and owners.  These tasks are completed by the Board of Directors (a volunteer group of owners), sometimes with the assistance of a professional management company.


There are many business documents that should be reviewed before you remove conditions on your potential home and commit to being a part of this “business” venture.


Condolyzers specializes in reviewing these documents and will provide you with the tools to make an informed decision.


Many condominium purchasers turn to professional review services, such as Condolyzers Inc., to complete their necessary due diligence before removing conditions and closing their deal.


For more information about Condominium ownership, visit the Condolyzers website.


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Purchasing a Condominium
Purchasing a Condominium
Purchasing a Condominium
Purchasing a Condominium
Purchasing a Condominium